October 9, 2018

Broward County Mirror Installation & Repair Services

Glass and mirrors can be used to make any space look modern and chic. Glass, windows, and doors allow lighting to give warmth to a room, creating a more relaxed ambiance. Mirrors, on the other hand, can be used as decorative pieces and give the illusion of a bigger space. At Broward mirror installation we guarantee that all glass windows and mirrors are high quality and handled by qualified and experienced installers. We are committed to delivering only excellent service with every mirror and glass installation or repair. Whether it’s a new building or Remodeled, we work with each customer and leverage our expertise to deliver beautiful and quality projects of any size. We offer elegant solutions for homeowners and businesses.

Both mirrors and glass can be very delicate, especially when custom designed. That is why you want to work with expert installers. A broken glass window or mirror is not only an unpleasant sight but dangerous as well. We bring extensive knowledge and experience as we have successfully managed thousands of commercial and residential projects in offering the following services; commercial and residential glass repair services, broken glass repair, shower door installation and same day glass repair board up service.

Our glass specialists are trained and certified to cut appropriately, handle, install, and maintain types of glass. Each of our custom mirror and glass solutions is cut from high-quality glass and inspected semi-annually to ensure your mirror or glass piece meets the industry standards to which we hold all our products.

Mirror installation should be amongst the last items to after the final cleanup of any construction. Moreover, avoid installing in any construction area where airborne solvents and heavy cleaners are in the air.

Before you begin your mirror-mounting experience, we need to understand the actual mirror you choose which should be custom-cut for your space. The key, however, is to produce impeccably accurate measurements to the professional mirror cutters. Once you have your mirror we follow the following steps to install;


  1. i) We prepare the mirror by;

–    Cleaning it with water and drying it immediately after edge processing

–    Checking the back paint condition if there is any scratch or peel off around mirror edge

  1. ii) We prepare the Mounting;

–    We clean and dry the wall surface – never install on new plaster, newly cured cement or freshly painted wall. In case of any wet condition, we apply a waterproofing layer on the surface.

–    Nevertheless, we can use well-dried poly plywood on the mounting surface. It is attached to the wall using a nail, and the nail head must be sealed using neutral sealant to avoid contact with the mirror back paint.

iii)    Mounting;

We can install the mirror using the screw or the adhesive method

–    Using the screw method;

  • We ensure the hole in the mirror are clean and dry and should not have any scratch or peel off on the back paint
  • we attach the mirror to the mounting surface using a stainless steel screw with synthetic protection collar.

–    Mounting using adhesive;

  • We ensure the adhesive is compatible with the back paint of the mirror
  • Apply adhesive (glue, tape, and sealant) in vertical stripes
  • Ensure air can circulate between the back of the mirror and the mounting surface
  • Press the mirror evenly on the entire surface
  • Use blocks to support the mirror until the mirror adhesive cures

N/B For both methods always maintain a gap of 3-5mm to allow proper ventilation especially when fixing in wet premises like bathrooms or fitness rooms and also for mirror size of 2 sq. m or more, it is safe to use the top & bottom support

Clean mirrors using clean water air and avoid using ammonia based detergent or other aggressive cleaners.

For shower door installation we make sure you have the appropriate shower door sizes within the space to prevent water leakage and avoid uncomfortable standing positions.

With the best team of installers that delivers superior artistry, our company is committed to excellent service; we make sure that we satisfy our client’s needs and expectations. Call us for free estimates or visit our showroom, to check out our mirror and glass products.