October 6, 2018

Broward Mirror Installation

Our company has earned a reputation for prompt, efficient, and ethical service. The Broward mirror installation company provides quality products and artistry at the best prices. All of our glass and window installers are AAMA certified, and we never subcontract our work. Hence, we can we can provide you with a lifetime guarantee on all installations; commercial and residential glass repair services, broken glass repair, shower door installation, same day glass repair board up service. Whether it’s a new building or Remodeled, we will partner with each customer and leverage our expertise to deliver beautiful and quality projects of any size. Our clientele includes homeowners, designers, architects, real estate, and builders to create functional and elegant solutions for homeowners and small businesses. We also have a great experience in commercial glass installation: from storefront windows and custom display cases to mirrored gym walls and glass fence.

Benefits of contacting our professionals in glass installation and repair include:

  • Each of our technicians is fully insured and has an average of 10 years’ experience
  • Our customer care office is effective in communicating the right information at the right time
  • We are trustworthy and reliable.
  • They have expertise in using the latest technology of glazing
  • We offer the best prices for excellent work
  • Our technicians are innovative, and there is always minimum wastage of materials while working
  • We arrive on time and do the job right to client’s satisfaction.


Our services include;

  • Mirror installation

Every home needs a quality, well-lit mirror over each of your bathroom sinks, as well as a full-length mirror somewhere in each bedroom. Moreover, mirrors can be elegant in other areas like; entryways, kids’ rooms and hallways.  A well-placed mirror can also be fantastic to lighting things up in different ways; such as reflecting light, making rooms seem more substantial and enhancing your decor. A large mirror in a small room creates the illusion of depth. An elegant mirror in your entryway offers a feeling of being welcomed. A mirror adds balance and brightness to almost any space. One bold installation can set a cheerful tone for an entire area. Not only do large mirrors look impressive, but they also help distribute natural light throughout your home. Depending on your space and style, you can try adding a frame around the mirror to give it a more polished appearance. Leaving it unframed works well for limited areas.


Once you have decided where you want your mirror installed, in general, the installation of mirrors will be on a firm and robust part of your wall; the next step is deciding how to mount it. Determine what type of wall you have: drywall, plaster or masonry, as it will help in choosing the best method for your mirror installation. Additionally, round and oval mirrors installation will be different from those with rectangular designs. You have several choices for installing your mirrors; our company is always keen to ensure that we offer the best quality work at all times. Whether it is a new installation, remodeling or repair work first, prepare the mirror by cleaning it with water and drying it immediately after edge processing. Then check the back paint condition if there is any scratch or peel off around the mirror edge. Secondly, we prepare the Mounting; we clean and dry the wall surface.  Never install on new plaster, newly cured cement or freshly painted wall. In case of any wet condition, we apply a waterproofing layer on the surface. Nevertheless, we can use well-dried poly plywood on the mounting surface. It is attached to the wall using a nail, and the nail head must be sealed using neutral sealant to avoid contact with the mirror back paint.

We have different methods of mirror installation, each with their own set of benefits of and drawbacks.

  1. i) Adhesive installation or mirror mastic is when you apply an adhesive or glue to the back of the mirror and attach it directly to the wall. It’s by far the most attractive form of installation since you won’t have any unsightly brackets distracting you from the mirror or the reflection in it. First, we ensure that the adhesive is compatible with the back paint of the mirror,
  • Apply adhesive (glue, tape, and sealant) in vertical stripes
  • For proper ventilation, we ensure that air can circulate between the back of the mirror and the mounting surface
  • Press the mirror evenly on the entire surface
  • Use blocks to support the mirror until the mirror adhesive cures

However, remember this is a permanent fix. Removing a mirror installed with adhesive is not easy and often results in damage to the wall behind it. Make sure you are committed before you choose this route. Our company will always offer services as per your desire and satisfaction.

  1. ii) Using the screw method;
  • We ensure the hole in the mirror is clean and dry and should not have any scratch or peel off on the back paint
  • We attach the mirror to the mounting surface using a stainless steel screw with synthetic protection collar.

iii) Bracket installation;

  • It entails mounting your mirror with four brackets or decorative clips that screw into the wall.
  • Your installation won’t be as seamless as if you used adhesive, but you’ll have the option to take it down and re-position the mirror if you decide later that it needs to be somewhere else.


  1. iv) Hanging the mirror;

It involves the tying of the mirror on a steady string, wire, or even a screw placed on the wall. Our technicians will decide considering the weight of the mirror and the type of wall.

  • Glass repair services

The other service that our company offers is glass repair. When unfortunate events happen that takes a toll on your glass, whether it receives a crack or is wholly shattered, this can be a safety hazard as well as lead to further costly damages. A break in your glass piece or window can potentially expand and make a web of cracks that will lead to a full window replacement instead of easy patching. If you are in need of a complete replacement, we can provide a glass installation service to ensure that the new glass is durable and fitted correctly. This service goes the same for any mirror damages that are in need of repair or installation.

  • Shower door installation

Our beautiful, high-quality glass shower doors installation can add value to your home and luxury to your bathing routine. We provide a full range of glass shower enclosures and styles that you may choose. Start creating your new shower experience by calling us today. We can help evaluate your plan and get you the information you need to make the best choices for your budget. Our specialists will help you make vital decisions for Creating Your Design. They will ensure that there is proper ventilation to prevent mold growth and peeling paint. Besides, they will take accurate measurements of the space you will work in and understand how the final product will fit with your other bathroom features.

  • Renovation & Specialty

We have completed thousands of exterior and interior glass installation projects. Our glass renovation team and decorative glass specialists combine unique skill sets with a passion for restoring the beauty and functionality of older structures. The Broward Mirror Installation Company has built a quality reputation for excellence in renovation projects with a dedicated full-service glass support team ready for action anywhere in the state.

Glass renovation may involve the removal of older window systems which have outlived their service life. Our crews take great care in effectively coordinating window removal and installation schedules on each renovation project with minimal inconvenience to the building occupants. New, architecturally appropriate replacement windows are then installed, which can provide significant improvements in aesthetics, comfort, energy usage, and security. At the end of a successful glass renovation, occupants experience an improved standard of living, while retaining the beauty of their historic residence.

 Besides, our company can offer same day glass repair board up service if your glass takes longer to order depending on the type of glass; hurricane glass, tinted, etc. We are always ready not just to meet the needs of our clients but also to ensure overwhelming satisfaction in all our services.

Broward Mirror Installation company glass installation, replacement and repair service is second to none, when it comes to new glass, mirror, or window install or bringing your glass back to pristine condition. We offer the best quality service. We can take care of residential as well as commercial glass projects. No job is too big or too small for our team of experts. We are equipped with the latest and more efficient technology to deliver on your premises more than just what you want. Pick up your call, and you can be sure, we are barely a phone call away.

With all this information, you don’t have anything that will hinder you from using our mirror installation services. We have the right professionals and equipment to deliver exemplary results. Feel free to get in touch with our team to get your free quotation.